EABC ran a survey to assess impact of COVID-19 on European business in Thailand (e.g. impact on business performance and operation) as well as how Government measures meet company’s objectives, and whether other measures are needed. This is the report.

We would like to thank you all members who participated – we are highly appreciated for the time you have taken.

As a service to members, EABC provides information about government support, kept up-to-date as best we can in a fast changing policy environment. EABC would like to hear from you about how these measures meet objectives, and whether other measures are needed.  EABC will use the survey results to go back to Government with recommendations about gaps and to enhance the cover.

EABC will also provide members’ recommendations on changes to these support and relief measures, in order that they may best meet objectives. EABC Working Groups continue to operate on line.

Please be in touch with us at [email protected] with any concerns about coverage, or recommendations you may have.




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