EABC is governed by:

  1. its By Laws which are registered with the Ministry of Commerce. Current version 4.3
  2. Operating Guidelines which set guidelines and principles for the board and Working Groups.(Current version 1.7A)
  3. Core Values which apply to the individual and group  (last updated June 2021)



  • Promote Ethical business, consider the right thing to do in any situation
  • Recognise European business for the best that it can be and that it can offer – eg Rules Based Trading system
  • Ethical management
  • Personal integrity
  • Avoiding Conflicts of Interest
  • Diversity on several dimensions – nationality, gender, company size and type, sexual preference
  • Respect for the truth in seeking solutions to problems / critical thinking.

updated June 2021


  • DOWNLOAD pdf EABC Bylaws - v 4.3_ 2023
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  • DOWNLOAD pdf EABC - Operating Guidelines v 1.7A
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  • DOWNLOAD pdf EABCs Core Values
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