Charanya Nopnukulvised, Ph.D.
Operations Director

Charanya Nopnukulvised has strong academics background in Entrepreneur and Online marketing, with two Master degrees from Kingston University and University of Cumbria in England. Charanya also holds a PhD from the Cardiff Metropolitan University, UK.

Contact Charanya at [email protected]

Pimwan Pongsuwan
Policy Manager

Pimwan Pongsuwan is a young professional who has academic background in Politics and International Relations, focusing in public administration. She had experience living and studying in Germany during her undergraduate education. In early stage of her career, she has accumulated experiences from both International corporate and embassy in Thailand.

Contact Pimwan at [email protected]

Ticha Nopratkhet
Office Manager

Prior to joining EABC, Ticha was a secretary at a commercial bank, a corporate retailer, and an audit firm.  She also had 12 years of experience working with non-profit organizations serving refugees, migrants, vulnerable children, and young people.  Ticha holds a Master Degree in Public Policy from University of Minnesota, USA, as well as a Bachelor Degree in International Studies, Writing, and Journalism from Hamline University, USA.  Ticha enjoys reading, swimming, and yoga.  She is also studying Japanese language and culture on the weekend.

Ticha can be reached at [email protected]