The EABC Cross Sectoral Issues Working Group provides an effective advocacy forum for members to address common, across-business-sector policy and regulatory issues through the advocacy of European business interests to the relevant Thai authorities and counterparts.

The Working Group actively works on priority areas in which the improvement would meaningfully enhance Thailand’s long-term competitive position.

Objectives of the Cross-Sectoral Issues Working Group

The range of issues covered are considered as business and strategic enablers. We address these under six broad categories (or ‘clusters’) which are designed to bring focus and relevance to our Members and other stakeholders including the government departments responsible. These six categories are:

  • Tax Regime
  • Foreign Investment
  • The Legal System
  • Work permits and Visas
  • Anti-corruption
  • Sustainability

Information about Working Group Recent Works

Much of the recent work of the group has been to update and refresh the positions in the 2022 EABC Position Paper. In particular we have added or significantly refreshed our recommendations on Taxes, Work Permit & Visa and Arbitration. Sustainability is a new area of great interest.

We have proposed a number of measures that should be implemented immediately, at least for a period of 2-3 years, to help the economy to recover from the economic impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic and to promote innovation and competitiveness. These include: Implementation of a reduced rate of Withholding tax, Suspension of list 3 of the Foreign Business Act for a period, reform of work permit and visa regulations in respect of skilled workers, Removal of the 90 day and certain other reporting requirements, measures to enhance public/private collaboration on Sustainability, and establishment of a permanent, appropriately staffed agency to manage Fast Track Regulatory Reform (including Guillotine).

Information about Working Group Chair

Mr. Nick Bellamy has been an active member of the Cross Sectoral Issues Working Group since its inception, and a Board Member and the Working Group Chairman since 2016. He is the representative of KPMG where he is a Partner in the Financial Services Practice.



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