The Tourism and Hospitality Committee was established in 2017 to provide an advocacy forum for EuroCham members in the hospitality sector (including hotels, serviced residences, online agents, travel agents). Thailand has seen an aggressive growth in its tourism sector the last 5 years followed by an impressive increase in hotel and serviced residents supply. The forecasted tourism volume will exceed 40 million in 2019. It is thus a very important sector to Thailand contributing increasingly more to its GDP. The Committee has written white papers to the minister of tourism and we are now exploring to also have more communications with the minister of education and the minister of infrastructure given the nature of our white paper content and the ministers authority respectively.


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Meeting with Vice Minister for Tourism and Sports


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Koen Vermeersch is an experienced fund manager and operational manager in the real estate and hospitality industry. Having worked in China for 16 years, Germany, Ethiopia, Belgium and now Thailand for 3 years he has a good knowledge of different cultures and working environments. With a strong background in business development, sales & marketing, operations and with an entrepreneurial spirit he has managed different portfolios with hotels, retail, residential and commercial properties owned by international funds and operators. Koen is currently direct responsible for a 5-building portfolio of service residents’ P&L. He leads the Thailand Ascott cluster operational team in ensuring the quality of operations of 12 buildings (safety & quality audits) and is a key member of the working group that is building 5 new properties by 2021 including advice on design and functionality. 15% of his time is devoted on further business development as well. As a Chair of the EABC Tourism working group he has committed some of his time to discuss, consolidate and put forward suggestions regarding potential improvements in the hotel & tourism industry policies in Thailand.