The Transportation & Logistics Working Group was established to provide an advocacy forum for EABC and other chamber members in the transportation and logistics sector (including shipping lines, airlines, freight forwarders, logistics service providers, air express operators, warehouse operators, customs agents and other companies with related services).

Thailand, with its favourable location in the ASEAN region, has seen steady growth of import and export volume. The transportation and logistics sector is important for Thailand’s economy as it enables Thailand’s industry to be competitive worldwide in their supply chains and opens future markets for Thailand, e.g. as a transportation/transhipment hub.

Objectives of the Transport and Logistics Working Group

  1. To be a forum for issues of interest to EABC members on Logistics, Forwarding and Customs topics
  2. To advocate for best practices for customs handling and transport related topics throughout Thailand.
  3. To bring an understanding of relevant EU policies, laws and regulations for resolution of issues and problems.
  4. To provide a networking and business connection in for companies seeking for logistics solution support.

Information about Working Group Chair

The Working group Transport and Logistics consists of members from the transportation sector as well as member from other sector. The chairman Mr Roderich Hoffmann of JAS Forwarding Worldwide (Thailand) Co., LTD. is based in Thailand since more than 12 years and during this time has gained a vast knowledge of the transportation and logistics sector. He has knowledge on this sector from Europe as well and overall experience of over 20 years in the sector.


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