The EABC Automotive WG provides a business-driven platform for discussion and formulation of consolidated positions of the WG members on key automotive issues in Thailand. The Automotive Working group is a partnership between EABC and TEBA (Thailand-European Business Association) and by leveraging European expertise, the WG identifies critical topics and makes both strategic and operational recommendations for improvement and clarification of Government policies.

Objectives of the Automotive Working Group

With Thailand being the “Automotive Hub of Asia”, our goal is to continuously accelerates the next-generation automotive industry for sustainable and long-term competitiveness in close collaboration with all relevant governmental agencies and the wide network of industry associations.
Key issues under discussion of the Industry Working Group include:

  1. Being a builder of consensus in the European business community and wider on joint positions regarding the automotive sector in Thailand.
  2. Discussing and promoting a EU-Thailand Free Trade Agreement.
  3. Promoting technical Regulations of Automotive Industry – Emissions, Fuel and Road Safety.
  4. Advocating for a relevant and efficient taxation system on Automotive industry.
  5. Improving the skills of the automotive workforce – Practical Industry and vocational training in higher education.
  6. Safeguarding existing investments of European investors in the Thai automobile sector.
  7. Encouraging ease of investments for European companies.
  8. Encouraging the electrification of the automotive sector in Thailand (Infrastructures and Demand Stimulation).




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