The EABC Intellectual Property Rights (IPR) Sector Committee provides a cross-sectoral, business-driven platform for interactive discussion and formulation of consolidated positions on key IP issues facing inventors, manufacturers, importers and enterprises in Thailand. The IPR Working Group works in close coordination with other EABC Working Groups, particularly the Working Groups on Healthcare & Pharmaceutical and Food & Beverages.

Aiming towards strengthening of the legal framework and law enforcement to protect intellectual property rights in Thailand, key issues under discussion of the IPR Working Group include:

  • IP Legislative Development
  • IP Enforcement
  • IP Awareness and commercialization

Objectives of the Intellectual Property Working Group

  1. To be a forum for issues of interest to EABC members on intellectual property topics;
  2. To proactively engage Thai authorities and provide expert recommendations in view of supporting innovation, commercialisation and protection of IP assets;
  3. To provide European businesses and in particular SMEs with high level information through EU funded projects (IP Key, SEA IP SME Helpdesk etc).

Information about Working Group Recent Works

DIP- MoU in the Protection of Intellectual Property on the Internet on 19 July


IPKey SEA: the technical meeting on “Thailand MoU on the Protection of Intellectual Property Rights on the Internet” on 30 July


EABC meeting with the Department of Intellectual Property Rights on 12 October 2021


EABC: Intellectual Property (IPR) Infringing Goods Destruction Ceremony

Working Group Meeting

  • Working Group Meeting 1/2022 on 25 February 2022


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