Dear Members,

Welcome to the web presence of the European Association for Business and Commerce, also known at EuroCham Thailand, the unified voice of European business in Thailand.

I and your board of directors continue to work hard throughout the pandemic in our mission to strengthen the unified voice of European business in Thailand, and to promote European-Thailand trade and investment.  We remain committed to advocating for policy and regulation which will support sustainable economic recovery for Thailand. I wish to thank you, our members, sponsors and friends for your support for the EABC.

Throughout the year we have engaged in numerous advocacy activities with several ministries of the Royal Thai Government at Ministerial, Department and Agency level. We also continue to engage with many industry bodies both in Europe and in Thailand. We maintain relations with the EU Delegation, EU Institutions, European bilateral Chambers of Commerce and European missions, as well as counterparts in Thailand, ASEAN, and Europe to further EABC’s recommendations and positions, elaborated by our twelve working groups and to address problems our members are facing.

This year, the EU ASEAN Business Council and EABC collaborated on high level dialogues with several Ministries, with the top decision-makers from various ministries. The mission highlighted Thailand’s vision for the years ahead and the wide array of opportunities present for European business.

In coming months, given EABC’s long association with supporting a Thailand-EU FTA, EABC commits to act as the focal point for collecting and collating requirements and recommendations from the European business community about a future EU-Thailand FTA for mutual benefit.  A recent high level dialogue with the Director-General Department of Trade Negotiations (DTN) in the Ministry of Commerce gave us all much confidence and promise.

EABC well-regarded Position Paper will see the 2022 version expected to be launched in January under the theme “Supporting Sustainable Economic Recovery and Competitiveness in Thailand”. Prior publications here.  The publication encompasses the key recommendations of EABC through our twelve Working Groups and more, to contribute to strengthening Thailand’s competitiveness and enhance its regulatory framework, creating a business-conducive environment, attracting Foreign Direct Investment and enhancing trade.

EABC is continuously working on a number of objectives, known as the Top Set which encompass Economic Recovery Ease of Doing Business, Thai-EU FTA, Business Continuity Support, Economic Recovery, Service Sector Liberalization, Automotive Roadmap, Educational Reforms, Free Movement of Goods, Energy Security and Sustainability, Digital Transformation, Promoting Rule of Law, circular economy and achieving Thailand 4.0. EABC will continue to put our efforts into our core strength, advocacy.

Please join us in our Working Groups, or bring in a new member, or be a financial Partner through sponsorship package or be part of an event.

Please contact our Operations Director Dr Charanya Nopnukulvised [email protected] about participation in any of these ways.

We look forward to keeping you informed and engaged.

Jan Eriksson,