EABC Working Group on Energy provides a business-driven platform for interactive discussion and formulation of consolidated positions on key energy in Thailand. It is chaired by representatives of prominent companies from the energy sector. Key issues and recommendations as proposed by the Working Groups are then communicated to relevant Thai authorities and counterparts towards improvement of Thailand economic and sustainability.

Recently, energy matters have been identified as one of the key priorities as Royal Thai Government works to strengthen its economic competitiveness and achieve sustainable development. Sustainable energy security has now been established to expedite and promote in term of alternative energy as national agenda. Encouraging on production and use of alternative energy are highlighted at policy level in order to promote energy efficiency for Thailand, as well as to support green energy development while simultaneously protecting the environment. This has provided ample opportunities for European businesses to engage in this dynamism of Thailand’s energy sector.

The EABC Working Group on Energy will therefore serve as a forum to discuss common issues as well as to take initiative and action with the aim to support European businesses in the sector.

For Energy Working Group, please contact the EABC office [email protected]‐thailand.org