EABC provides a point of exchange and coordination of efforts to improve business conditions and opportunities for European businesses with active working groups that cover a broad range of policy areas and sectoral aspects of European commercial and industrial activity in Thailand. These sectoral working groups are considered the backbone as well as the main tool of EABC advocacy activities serving as a forum for discussing common issues as well as for taking initiative and action.

Currently, eleven horizontal, transversal as well as sector specific working groups and two sub-working groups have been established under EABC. These active working groups are:

All advocacy working groups are established in accordance with dynamic needs of interested European and European-interest companies, and operate in a manner consistent with the objectives of EABC and its Constitution. Any European or European business interest-driven legal entities have the right and are invited to be members of EABC. Within EABC membership, active participation in trade advocacy working groups is encouraged. Working groups are open for EABC members on equal terms and in accordance with the working group protocols.

EABC will facilitate its members throughout the development of ideas and thoughts that establish the European business position on relevant matters in each industry by:

  • aiding and facilitating the development of trade and commerce in Thailand through activities aimed at improving the business environment and the removal or reduction of regulatory and other political obstacles;
  • collecting, developing and disseminating relevant information to the stakeholders and the Advocacy working groups;
  • organising and holding conferences and seminars and other such meetings as may be considered desirable to promote the interests of the EABC;
  • communicating with the Thai Government and its various ministries and agencies to facilitate the conduct of business in Thailand by EABC stakeholders and members;
  • providing industry inputs for the formulation of EC positions and suggesting priorities for trade policy negotiations with Thailand and ASEAN members. Working closely with the EC-led Market Access Teams in Thailand as well as supporting the activities of the EUD and the governments of the EU member states and their respective institutions pursuing objectives to the benefit of EABC.