COVID-19 creates an additional burden on healthcare system which ordinarily faced the challenges of resources and budget constraints. It is clearly perceived how urgent need for research and development of innovative solutions are; especially for vaccines and treatments, to mitigate the health impacts of pandemic, restore confidence and preserve financial stability to revive the economic growth. This clearly illustrated healthcare is inseparable from the economy as one engine among its other economic drivers. Therefore, there is strong need to reprioritize healthcare investment and establish innovative mechanisms and solutions to ensure a sustainable healthcare system including its financing. This would support to maintain people in the country in good health, thus allowing them to contribute to the economic development.

Objectives of the Healthcare and Pharmaceuticals Working Group

The EABC Healthcare and Pharmaceuticals Working Group represents members from various sectors with expertise in innovative pharmaceuticals, medical devices, consumer health, self-care and digital health. We aim to bring solutions to address healthcare challenges in Thailand, support sustainable economic recovery and investment attractiveness through new system developments and improvements for new normalcy resilience.

  • We collaborate with the Thai government and multi-stakeholders to drive solution development for healthcare challenges and healthcare system through sustainable healthcare financing, promoting innovations and intellectual property ecosystem, digital health, regulatory efficiency and improvement of market access environment and ecosystem
  • We promote the development of trade, investment and co-create the new ecosystem and regulatory framework improvement in healthcare sectors through international practice and knowledge sharing
  • We represent members as platform for European healthcare business to address the common interests and issues through Thai government and multi-stakeholder engagements
    Meetings – internal; External engagement
  • We have monthly meetings each lasting approx. 90 minutes in addition to sub-meetings for specific advocacy issues.
  • We work with other EABC WGs
  • We regularly organise meetings with Thai authorities and government agencies


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