1. EABC’s Board Renewal Task Force

EABC, the European Chamber of Commerce Thailand, will hold its Annual General Meeting in April 2022. On this occasion, EABC members will have the opportunity to elect Ordinary Directors of the Board, who will be responsible for guiding the development of our Chamber for the next two years and taking on certain areas of responsibility.

The Charter attached show the transparent process and function of the Task Force. This Task Force brings together four Directors, who will implement their mission under the supervision and with the support of the whole Board.

The Task Force duties and the whole process will be carried out in accordance with EABCs Governance:  By Laws, Operating Guidelines and Core Values which can be seen here: https://www.eabc-thailand.org/publications/eabc-by-laws-operating-guidelines-and-core-values/

         EABCs Core Values

  • Promote Ethical business, consider the right thing to do in any situation
  • Recognise European business for the best that it can be and that it can offer – eg Rules Based Trading system
  • Ethical management
  • Personal integrity
  • Avoiding Conflicts of Interest
  • Diversity on several dimensions – nationality, gender, company size and type, sexual preference
  • Respect for the truth in seeking solutions to problems / critical thinking.

The Task Force will also aim for a reasonable representation of industries as far as possible:

  • Banking & Financial Services
  • Manufacturing/Industry
  • Automotive
  • Accounting / Law / Tax Professional Services
  • Digital Economy / It / Telecoms
  • Healthcare / Pharma / Wellness
  • Transport / Logistics/Distribution
  • Aerospace/Aviation
  • Hospitality / Tourism
  • Food/Beverages/Agri Business
  • Energy/Oil & Gas/Renewables/Other Energy

2. Why you should apply to be a candidate

EABC is the official European Chamber of Commerce in Thailand. It is the unified voice of European business in the country. EABCs core business is advocacy.

Becoming a Director of the Board is a great opportunity to support all the services and the activities implemented by EABC to improve the regulatory and economic environment for companies in the country. It is not for everyone however and requires time commitment and willingness to act in the interests of the organisation as a whole.

It is also the occasion for yourself and your company to champion European values and standards, to associate your image with an esteemed organisation, and to contribute to its advocacy engagement, which has become respected and go-to references for both the Thai authorities and the foreign business community.

3. Who should apply?

 The ideal qualities sought in a candidate are:

  • Knowledgeable in doing business in Thailand
  • Understanding of Europe – Thailand relationship
  • Good reputation, personal integrity; conducts himself/herself ethically (please refer to EABC’s Core Values for more information)
  • Senior level business experience in Thailand (preferably in the foreign business community) or in the region, but with strong knowledge of Thailand’s socio-political make up and functioning, and of the Thai economy
  • Teamwork / collaboration mindset
  • Conversant in English
  • Self-sufficient through investments or compensation
  • Board experience; discretion

 4. How to apply?

 If you are interested in being a candidate for the Board of Directors, or if you know of a suitable candidate, please contact Mr. Guillaume REBIERE, Executive Director of EABC, at: [email protected] / +66 886 067 507. All contacts will be conducted and treated with the strictest confidence.

There is then a formal process for nomination which includes providing a short background bio. The full process will be advised well ahead of the AGM. No information will be disclosed to members unless and until you consent to stand as a candidate formally.

5. Important disclaimer

Being a candidate for the Board of Directors doesn’t guarantee a seat at the Board. EABC’s Board of Directors is elected according to a strict and transparent democratic process, through a vote of members during the Annual General Meeting.  Normally the board (as is common practice) comprises of a mix of eligible re-elected directors and people new to the EABC board.  Board renewal is an important aspect of any healthy organisation.

EABC is a fully independent and self-financed non-profit organisation, which governance and Ordinary Directors is chosen solely by its members through the votes during the Annual General Meeting.

In addition, Board members don’t receive any allowance, salary or any compensation of any kind.


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