The Industry Working Group set its main focus on Manufacturing on a broad range and members who participate to the discussion vary from leading company in the manufacturing industry, service companies as well as dealer / importer / exporter.

Objectives of the Industry Working Group

The industry working Group provides a business-driven platform for interactive discussion and formulation of consolidated positions on key manufacturing and related issues facing manufacturers and associated industry suppliers in Thailand and partners / customers in Thailand and abroad.

Key issues under discussion of the Industry Working Group include:

  1. FTA EU Thailand within the worldwide scenario between China – US
  2. Supply chain limitations
  3. Ease of doing business
  4. The role of Engineers in Industry and Thailand 4.0; regulatory constraints
  5. Educated workforce.
  6. Supply of infrastructure.
  7. Law and regulation making/consultation

Meetings – internal; External engagement

We organize monthly meetings with the purpose to share knowledge, best practice and information to our members; sometimes we have members who present their experience of doing business in Thailand, other times we invite guests as speakers on topics relevant to the Industry sector like:
• Technology
• Engineering and Innovation
• Human Resources and labor
• BOI / EEC privileges
• Supply chain
We also organize factory tours.


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