On 17 September, EABC went public with recommendations about the immigration form TM.30, that it should be revoked. The Bangkok Post published EABCs message and detailed recommendations on 18 September and the 22 September edition included two Post Bag letters in support, referring to EABC.

Current status:

  1. Just about all categories of foreigner are now exempt from having to file the TM.28 form and within two months or so all are planned to be made exempt.
  2. The TM.30 requirement continues for now but it is planned to be reviewed within two months or so to reduce scope and make it easier.
  3. Not having a TM.30 receipt cannot be used as a bar to processing of normal visa applications
  4. There is separate plan to cease the TM.6 entry form paperwork for foreigners, which could include an improved impact for TM.30
  5. There is no change to 90 day reporting for now, but there are plans to make it easier

EABC will continue to work on this matter. For the original submission, please see below link.