EABC: Digital Development “Being Digital” and Digitalisation

EABC: Digital Development “Being Digital” and Digitalisation

EABC has long been engaged with the digitalisation of the economy and our business lives, which involves several avenues:

1. Changes to laws

  • the removal of unwanted and unnecessary laws (via a Fast Track or Guillotine method),
  • process re-engineering of the wanted laws for an efficient on-line experience
  • A whole-of-government Digital Government plan with agency interoperability, single sign-on and good support, in line with the Digital Government Development Agency’s (DGAs) master plan

2. Digital enablement of laws

  • Identification of laws with no means of supporting digital processes,
  • changing these to support being digital

3. Digital transformation or digitalisation of all sectors of the economy, including SMEs, larger firms, government, industry organisations and their interoperability

4. Telecoms sector reform for a more innovative, competitive structure, including SOE reform

EABC has pursued and continues to pursue these aims, for example:

  • Since 2016 a key part of the ‘Guillotine’ and Fast Track Regulatory Reform efforts in which EABC has been a key driver
  • Since 2017 using a BEING DIGITAL theme (originally based on a 1995 publication of the same name – see book image below),
  • Since inception in late 2011 with digitalisation of the economy