MultiCORE International Group

Industry and Activities

Real Estate Development, Construction & Project Management, Security Services, Medical Diagnostic Testing, and innovative Augmented Reality (AR), Virtual Reality (VR), and Mixed Reality (MR) services to transform your business.

Senior Management

  1. Cameron Wolfe, Group CEO
  2. Saif F. Ghanima, Group President
  3. Jud Ireland, Creative Director
  4. Larry Jonkers, Vice President Operations
  5. Qusai Al-Saffar, Vice President Financial Services.
  6. Wayne Fuller, Jr. P.E., Vice President Engineering & Construction
  7. Patrick Emerson, CFO & Senior Construction Services Manager
  8. Tan Din Sin, Regional Director
  9. Johan Rhodin, Business Development, Europe & Asia
  10. Marcus Persson, Corporate Security & Security Services
  11. Steve B. Oien, Senior Project Controls Manager

Contact Information
Athenee Tower, 23rd Floor, 63 Wireless Road, Lumpini, Pathumwan, Bangkok 10330, Thailand
Phone Number:
+66 2 126 8175
+66 2 126 8176
+66 2 126 8177
Fax Number:
+66 2 126 8187
Products and Services


Construction:  Architecture & Engineering, Pre-Construction Services, Construction Management, Construction, Design-Build Construction, Special Projects, Electrical Distribution & Transmission, Oil & Gas Consulting, Biofuels - Renewable Energy, Pharmaceutical & Biotechnologies, Military Construction, Airports, Seaports, Healthcare, Collaborative Virtual Building & BIM, Materials and Logistics.

Security:  Ammunition Production Facilities, Tactical & Mission Training, Military & Law Enforcement Procurement, Small Arms Weapon Repair & Consulting, Small & Medium Manufacturing, Arms Secure Logistics Planning, Surveillance & Risk Assessments, Custom Uniforms & Tactical Gear, and Aviation Security.

Medical:  Medical Diagnostic & In-Vitro Rapid Test, Medical Equipment, Supplies, Healthcare Construction Services, Healthcare Planning & Design

Virtual Reality (VR) | Augmented Reality (AR) | Mixed Reality (MR):  Immersive Collaboration, Design & Construction Coordination, Digital Marketing Campaigns, Digital Object Campaigns.

EABC Representative

Michael Saif Ghanima

Group President

Contact information for member only.

Company Profile

MultiCORE (Thailand) Company Ltd., a subsidiary of MultiCORE International established in the United States in 2010.

MultiCORE’s executive management team consists of seasoned executives consisting of former Fortune 100 executives, engineers, architects, retired military and law enforcement officers, and ambitious entrepreneurs that understand the challenges of successfully implementing complex international projects.

Today, MultiCORE has evolved into a multidisciplinary firm specializing in the CORE areas of Construction, Security, Medical and AR | VR | MR services.

With our Headquarters located in the United States, we have global reach to each of our regional offices and representative offices.  At MultiCORE, we use an innovate holistic project approach to effectively manage our projects across the globe.

With cutting edge technology and collaboration tools, our innovative technology helps us drastically increase project efficiency and accountability by streamlining and mobilizing project communication and documentation. Regardless of where your project is located, we understand global collaboration and how to overcome their challenges.  MultiCORE is your innovative CORE solutions provider.