Siemens Mobility Limited.

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Senior Management

  1. Tomasz Mazur, Chief Executive Officer.
  2. Jessica Doehring, Chief Financial Officer.

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Charn Issara II Tower, 28th Floor 2922/300-303 New Petchburi Road Bangkok 10310, Thailand
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Products and Services

Portfolio of Mobility Division includes.

Full range of vehicles for rail traffic: regional, as well as intercity and high-speed trains, metro trains, light rail vehicles, passenger coaches, driverless vehicles and locomotives, Signal and control technology for rail-based passenger and freight traffic, Electrification solutions for rail and road traffic, Maintenance and service of vehicles and infrastructure, Road traffic control and information systems, parking space management as well as electronic payment and toll systems for urban and interurban traffic, Consulting, planning, financing, construction and operation of turnkey mobility systems, Integrated mobility solutions for intermodal networking of different traffic systems.

EABC Representative

Tomasz Mazur

Chief Executive Officer

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Company Profile

Siemens Mobility is legally separate entity 100% owned by Siemens AG to combine all Siemens businesses in the area of passenger and freight transportation – including rail vehicles, rail automation systems, rail electrification systems, road traffic technology and intelligence traffic solutions. As a preferred provider for rail systems with more than 20 years of projects and service experience in Thailand, expertise and knowhow in railways technology, local political landscape and challenges from earlier projects enable us to serve our customers with more valuable insights for existing and future rail projects.