The SME Working Group recently started with a fresh new setup to actively provide support, advice and advocacy to small & medium enterprises of any industry, from the very beginning of their operations (or before), and during any obstacles they might be facing due to difficult rules & regulations that prevent them from being successful in Thailand. “Ease of Business” as one of the Thai governments vision for Thailand 4.0. is especially important for SMEs, and our group’s objective is to ensure a close dialogue with our SMEs and the government, and to act as a reliable information center for all member companies.

We want to initiate strong collaboration and mutual support among our members, and we do our best to contribute to our members’ success and growth. Anyone interested to become an active member of the SME WG is cordially invited to contact us.


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Kindly help us know you better and improve services for our members by completing the questions below and submit the answer to [email protected]. It will just take a few minutes of your time.



Information about Working Group Chair

Anja Heck is Managing Director and Owner of Skywave Technologies (Thailand) Co., Ltd., a 100% German owned and BOI promoted Software company.

She has a Master Degree in Cultural & Social Sciences, with Major in Organizational Psychology, and 10+ Years of experience in living and working abroad, mainly Indonesia and Thailand. She has been in Leadership / MD positions in IT companies (SMEs) in Thailand since 2009, including a Director position at the Board of German-Thai Chamber of Commerce (03/16 – 07/17)

Anja founded her own company in 2014, now operating with a worldwide network of international clients and business partners that is growing every day.